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Members and their Classification
Sue Abernethy Education - Teacher
Larry Anthony Citizens Advice Management
Ian Bennett General Management
Jim Brenan Office Furnishings
Derek Cheeseman Banking (Ret'd.)
Alan Coleman Art Galleries (Ret'd.)
Terry Conner Architect (Ret'd.)
John Conway Law - Solicitor
Peter Cooper Furniture Antique Restoration
Maurice Crosswell Engineering Supplies (Ret'd.)
Cheryl Currie Retired Publican
George Dick Travel Agent (retired)
Marc Driessen Management Advisory (Ret'd.)
Janet Durrant Civil Service -Foreign Office (Ret'd.)
Peter Edwards Chartered Accountancy
Derek Gurney Local Government - Financial (Ret'd.)
Eddie Haffenden Building Services (Ret'd.)
Malcolm Haigh Water Management (Ret'd.)
Mike Haines Property Consultant - Hotels (Ret'd.)
Bruce Halliday Education (Ret'd.)
Paul Hellier Property Management
David Jones Life Assurance - Sales Management (Ret'd.)
Frank Johnston Oil Industry -Environmental (Ret'd.)
Grahame Lewis Accountant
Roger Ling Retired Publican
Robin Long Chartered Surveyor
Ian Mackay Engineering Consultancy (Ret'd.)
Tony Marshall Local Government - Legal (Ret'd.)
Maurice McNeill Banking (Ret'd.)
Derek Mills Engineering - Manufacturing (Ret'd.)
Barbara Murphy Local Authority - Pensions
Barry Nicholls Property (Retail Broker) (Ret'd.)
John O'Malley Animal Conservation
Adam Ogilvie Property Management
Ron Palmer Food Industry (Ret'd.)
Arthur Porter Police Inspector (Ret'd.)
Tony Pruss Medicine ( (Ret'd.Physician)
Tom Rayner Law - Probate (Ret'd.)
Mike Reed Horticulture - Tomato Growing (Ret'd.)
Tom Russell Healthcare - Management
David Sayers

Life Assurance/Pensions - IT Projects

Rosie Scott Education
Jenny Simpson Education - Primary (Ret'd.)
Geoff Stokes Marine Pilot (Ret'd.)
Nikki Stone Finance
Leslie Sutton Materials Scientist
Ray Thompson Management Consulatncy (Ret'd.)
Geoff Townley Computer Manufacturing (Ret'd.)
Patrick Turner Education - Preparatory (Ret'd.)
Graham Wales Sports Goods - Retailing
Uli Welker Retailing - Departmental Store
Martin Wilson Medicine - Surgeon (Ret'd.)




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President Grahame Lewis
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