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Vocation and Youth Committee

Chairman Roger Ling

    In many ways the Vocational committee of any Rotary Club can be considered its most important. Rotary was conceived in the early twentieth century as an organisation where its members could meet and do business with each other and where trade, vocation and profession could be discussed and encouraged by fellow Rotarians.
     In the Rotary Club of Lymington  today most of the members are retired and so their vocations and business interests are largely things of the past and thus the Vocational committee concentrates mostly on the opportunities and aspirations of the next generation which means getting involved in a big way with the local schools.
    The committee has an inexperienced but keen chairman, Tony Pruss, ably helped by experienced vocational members such as Derek Mills, Ray Thompson and Ron Palmer. We have already established a good working relationship with Chris Willsher, the Head Teacher of Priestlands School, the only large Comprehensive School in our area.
     In the current Rotary Year, we hope to continue with previous projects such as the Young Chef Competition and the Youth Speaks competition and also with Work Experience Awards and Presentation of Shields for pupils who excel  in any particular subject. In addition we hope to add some new projects such as aiding students to find out more about any chosen trade or profession by arranging short visits to various businesses and facilitating people in trades and professions to talk to chosen pupils at the school. Liaison with a Public School in Essex is also planned with an award to a particularly suitable student to visit an Indian Ashram and Primary School is also a possibility.
      We also like to keep in contact with local primary Schools and will continue the presentation of Dictionaries for Life to all year 4 children, which has proved very popular.
       Visits to places of Industry and commerce will also be arranged over the next couple of years, in addition to some social events such as walks for good causes.
          Lastly the committee has agreed for its medical member to assist Priestlands in matters of occupational health, and advice on young people's problems with alcohol, drugs and diseases such as anorexia and sexually transmitted conditions.
      Thus the committee will have a very active and hopefully productive year and advice and suggestions from fellow Rotarians will be very welcome.

See below for full report on the year's activities.

Young Chef Award Youth Speaks Awards

We sponsor students at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  This gives young people the chance to improve leadership and communication skills, learn about businesses and institutions, explore career paths, share ideas and experiences, learn how to coordinate youth activities and community service projects in the community, and discuss creative approaches for resolving family, social, and professional conflicts

Youth Leadership Awards

Contact Vocation Committee

e-mail via Club Secretary.
Postal: See below.Chair of Youth and Vocation, The Rotary Club of Lymington,
c/o The Community Centre, New Street, Lymington, SO41 9BQ




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President Grahame Lewis
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